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Environmental Mixtures


A deep rooting, perennial herb which is tolerant of a wide range of soil types although it does not like severe drought or waterlogging. High in protein, with a D value similar to perennial ryegrass, plantain is also a source of trace elements including calcium, sodium and magnesium. Best combined with clover to supply a source of nitrogen, plantain can be established between April and September. Add to grass leys at up to 2kg/acre.

Available in pack size of 5kg or 25kg


A common vetch, which delivers a quick coverage of soil, highly productive and rich in proteins. BARVICOS fixes large amounts of nitrogen and is high in protein. It can be used for annual forage production either alone or in a mixture with grasses. It is also ideal for green manuring. BARVICOS has vigorous growth and is winter hardy. It will establish and grow well on most soil types, helping to soak up nutrients and hold in the soil for use by spring cropping or reseeding. Vetch can be used typically 70-100 days after sowing, when 30-50% of the plants have flowered.


Barabas – Tankard Bulb Shape

Barabas is a tetraploid turnip , with good early vigour and high leaf to bulb ratio. This variety matures quickly. Sowing rate is 2-3 kg per acre.

Sampson – Long-lasting and productive

Samson is a tetraploid plant bred for early harvesting. the white, purple-topped beets grow just under the surface of the soil. Samson produces abundant healthy leaves and is very suitable for mechanical harvesting. it produces staple feed which animals enjoy and find easy to digest. it can be used as fresh feed or to produce silage.

Other Brassica Crops available – KALE, RAPE & FODDER BEET