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Grass Seed & Wild Flower Seed Products mixture-2023

Four generations of expertise in the supply of seed for agriculture,seed for sportsfield and seed for lawns & gardens – plus FREE advice.

With 140 years of continuous service to the seed industry, PETER HUNTER SEEDS offers an unrivalled service combined with expert advice and consultancy.


We specialise in providing seeds that are right for their role as a crop provider at a competitive price. The range includes, short term to long term mixtures for hay, haylage, silage and grazing plus mixtures for farm environmental schemes.


Seeds for lawns plus public spaces, golf courses, tennis courts and sports fields.


Seeds for shady lawns, low-maintenance lawns, hardwearing lawns and many more.



A late heading diploid Perennial Ryegrass, with excellent early season growth at 115% against control. This variety is suited to early grazing and multicut forage production. In a grazing situation, Callan produces a high ME yield of 103% against control.


Moira is a popular intermediate perennial diploid which provides great shoulder growth early and late season with a total cutting yield of 102% of control. First cut yields are also 102% with a D value of 70.8. Grazing D value is 76.6 with an early spring and spring yield of 116% and 109% respectively. Moira also exhibits good crown rust resistance of 6.8 and excellent winter hardiness.


Bannfoot is a perennial type, tetraploid hybrid ryegrass which is ideal for medium to longer term rotations, with excellent crown rust resistance of 6.9. It has good spring growth with a first cut of 103% of control varieties and good persistency with consistent performance of 105% in year 3, the highest available. Quality is good, with 1st and 2nd silage cuts achieving 71.9D and 73.4D, respectively.


A good all-round late diploid variety with good early growth for a late heading variety. 1st cut under silage is 109% of control which is the highest available in the late diploid group. First cut D Value is 69.9 with a second cut of 74.5 and grazing D value of 76.9. Glenarm has an excellent crown rust resistance of 7.4, and good ground cover and winter hardiness.


The equal highest yielding intermediate tetraploid perennial ryegrass variety under cutting management with a year 1 score of 107% of control and total cutting yield of 106%. Overall, its yields are exceptional under cutting and grazing and with high 1st cut (114%) and spring grazing (107%). Quality is excellent as is disease resistance and winter hardiness making Seagoe a very attractive variety to have in any medium – long term mix for cutting or grazing.

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    Peter Hunter, the Managing Director, is the great grandson of James Hunter who came down from Scotland and founded his seed company in Chester in 1883. James Hunter was the first seedsman to guarantee the purity and germination of his seeds and we still have his original germination and purity of seeds records going back to September 1883.

    Moving on 139 years, much of farming and the seeds industry have changed, not always for the best. However, Peter Hunter Seeds carries on the family tradition of offering the best varieties of seeds and the best mixtures to suit every condition and requirement as well as still providing a personal service.


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