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Long Term Organic

Long Term Organic

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Long Term Organic
To comply with Organic seed regulations, at least 70% of grasses in a mixture must be organically grown. In the mixtures listed below the varieties printed in red are organically grown.

  • Very long term ley
  • With Timothy
  • varieties selected for their palatability
  • Very persistent, will provide years of grazing and silage
2.2 kg Moyola  EarlyPerennial Ryegrass (D)
1.5 kg Glenariff 
Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass [D] Organic
3.8 kg Dunluce
Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (T) Organic
3.5 kg Drumbo Late Perennial Ryegrass (D) Organic
1.0 kg Polim Late Perennial Ryegrass (T) Organic 
0.5 kg Comer Timothy
1.50 kg Ensign White Clover
Total pack will be suitable for one acre