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Grass Seed For Bio Diversity (GS4) Mixture

Grass Seed For Bio Diversity (GS4) Mixture


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Get a rich sward with increased bio diversity with our true GS4 multispecies legume, grass seed and herb mixture. This vigorous sward, with abundant legumes and herbs provides habitat and food for a huge variety of insects and wildlife. Your farm will thrive with improved soil structure and water infiltration. GS4 legume and herb rich swards are eligible for Countryside Stewardship Mid-Tier and Higher-Tier. Bar GS4 is also suitable for productive cattle and sheep.

3.00kg BANFOOT Hybrid Ryegrass Tet.
3.00kg CALLAN Late Perennial Ryegrass Dip.
1.00kg COMER Timothy
2.00kg BARDOUX Tall Fescue
0.90kg LAURA Meadow Fescue
1.00kg ARCHIBALDI Cocksfoot
2.00kg GARRANT Red Clover 
0.50kg SANFOIN Legume
0.15kg COMMANDER Chicory
0.15kg CAPTAIN Plantain
0.05kg YARROW Herb
0.10kg SALAD BURNET Herb
14.0kg per acre