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Annual Wild Flower Seed Mixture (Colour)

Annual Wild Flower Seed Mixture (Colour)


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Annual Wild Flower Seed Mixture (Colour)

This annual wild flower seed mixture can be grown in any sunny spot to create a stunning effect with blues, pinks, yellows, whites and reds.

Simply sow the seeds onto an area of prepared and raked ground or in tubs or containers. Sprinkle the seeds evenly, water in and in around 12 weeks you will see your first blooms.

At the end of summer, either collect and thoroughly dry the ripe seed ready to sow next season or allow the seed to fall onto the ground and then the following season rake the area to trigger germination again.

Includes Phacelia and Borage to attract even more bees.

Sowing rate 1g per sq metre


10% Corn Poppy
5% Corn Chamomile
40% Corn Cockle
20% Cornflower
15% White Campion
10% Corn Marigold


Annual Mixture £75 per kilo + VAT                   
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