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Annual Wild Flower Mixture (Colour)

Annual Wild Flower Mixture (Colour)


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Annual Wildflower Mixture (Colour)

Add phacelia and borage to attract even more bees

10%                        Corn Poppy 
5% Corn Chamomile
40%  Corn Cockle
20% Cornflower
15% White Campion
10% Corn Marigold

Annual Mixture   £75 per kilo + VAT                   
Additional Wild flower mixtures as below can be found under FAQ’s     If you wish to purchase any of the ATG range please call the office
 ATG Flora 1     £39 per kilo + VAT
 ATG Flora 2    £39 per kilo + VAT
 ATG Flora 3     £39 per kilo + VAT
 ATG Flora 6    £40 per kilo + VAT