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Newbury Paddock Mixture

Newbury Paddock Mixture



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Newbury Paddock Mixture
(14.00kg BAG – COVERS 1 ACRE)


Horses and ponies are choosy grazers. Offer them a paddock with a good covering of grass and for no apparent reason they’ll still pick and choose between different areas. It is therefore important to ensure that any area grazing horses should be seeded with a high seeding rate which includes plenty of ‘bottom’ grass to produce a dense sward capable of withstanding hard wear.Our NEWBURY PADDOCK MIXTURE designed specifically for ponies and horses, has been a firm favourite in the equine market for many years. It provides long lasting grazing with a wide range of ‘bottom’ grasses and is regarded by many as the mixture by which all others are judged.
A kilo of mixed herbs can be added to the mixture to provide minerals from deep in the soil.
Our mixed herbs are listed under Farm Seeds on our web site and cost £19.00 per kilo.

Specially formulated to provide exceptionally long seasonal growth with low nitrogen inputs, although well-timed application would produce a very high quality hay crop if required.  Varieties chosen are high in fibre and lower in water soluble carbohydrate as well as being hardwearing and persistent.  The addition of a dwarf Perennial Ryegrass will make the field more hard wearing and less prone to poaching.
1 Kilo of mixed herbs per acre is often added to this mixture.


2.50 kg MAXIMA Strong Creeping Red Fescue
1.00 kg SMOOTH STALKED MEADOW GRASS Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass
1.50 kg MENTOR Hard Fescue
2.00 kg ESQUIRE Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass
2.00 kg NUI Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (Diploid)
4.00 kg CANCAN Late Perennial Ryegrass (Diploid)
1.00 kg TIMOTHY Timothy
Total pack will be suitable for one acre