Peter Hunter is the great grandson of James Hunter, who came down from Scotland and founded his seed company in Chester in 1883. Why Chester? If Ireland is included, Chester is more or less the centre of the British Isles for both rail and sea distribution and Liverpool less than 20 miles away was the ideal port for importing seeds from round the world. James Hunter was the first seedsman to guarantee the purity and germination of his seeds and we still have his original germination and purity of seeds records going back to September 1883.

Moving on 134 years, much of farming and the seeds industry have changed, not always for the best. However Peter Hunter Seeds carries on the family tradition of offering the best varieties of seeds and the best mixtures to suit every condition and requirement as well as still providing a personal service.

Farm and equine seed mixtures are normally packed in 1 acre bags, making sowing rates easy to work out and amenity and lawn seeds packed in 20 kilo bags, as seed rates vary so much for this type of seeding. Service is all important and we normally deliver orders within 48 hours of payment on weekdays

The company has 2 main divisions:

On the agricultural side, we specialise in providing seeds that are right for their role as a crop provider at a competitive price. The range includes, short term to long term mixtures for hay, haylage, silage and grazing, as well as mixtures for farm environmental schemes. We also have a range of seeds for organic farmers, which cover most requirements and are clover rich.

The leisure side offers seeds for all types of lawns, as well as public spaces and sports fields. Also in this side of the business we have a range of wild flower mixtures.

If the mixture you need is not listed on our website, we should be happy to formulate one for you.

Peter Hunter
Managing Director
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